Actor Reactor

Electricity - a device whose primary purpose is to introduce reactance into a circuit.

1 Minute Reel - $150

This is probably the most important reel to have. Most Casting Directors, Directors and Producers don't have that much time to just watch very long reels. The goal behind the 1 Minute reel is to show off your abilities as an actor in a clear concise way.

1) 4 clips of 14 seconds each, this allows time for a Title Page (4 Sec)
2) Headshot can be added before or after the video with contact information
3) Title of Project and Character will be added to the lower third of every clip
4) 1 minute total in length

Longer Reels

1) Purchase the 1 Minute reel
2) $75 per additional Minute, up to 5 minutes total (10 clip limit)


1 Minute Reel
Longer Reel

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